About Me

I am a graphic designer and I graduated from Pearl Academy in 2017. Some of my skills involve layout design, typography, photography and digital design, but my main strength is in conceptualisation and coming up with new ways of creating visually stimulating content.

I’ve dabbled in fashion, music and the F&B industry thus far in the hopes of gaining knowledge about how different entertainment spaces communicate with their consumers and also to create different types of content that I’ve always wanted to create.

The softwares that I’ve mastered are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Premiere while, some of the softwares I’m still working on mastering are Abode After Effects and Audacity. I like to learn softwares from different mediums of communication because it not only helps broaden my knowledge of different ways of communicating with the masses but it also makes sure, in the future, I do not have to hold back from creating work just because I don’t understand the medium.

Photographer : Rawky Ksh

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